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The new Mosa μ is a floor tile series designed to interact with space and time. Born out of Mosa’s deep understanding of the world of ceramics, Mosa μ [mu] was designed to interact with space and time.

The Dutch ceramics manufacturer’s latest launch offers a truly dynamic experience. Inspired by the extraordinary relationship between light and the colour spectrum, Mosa’s designers looked at nature, art and trends in architecture, as well as ancient Greek philosophers’ visions on the subject. The result? The tiles cleverly respond to a setting's changing light, subtly shifting shades during the course of the day.

Working with ceramic pigments and the way they blend, Mosa’s specialists created tiles that absorb certain colours and reflect others, playing with light waves and the different tones they produce. Each surface in the Mosa μ series is a combination of many different colours; an optical blend of millions of brightly tinted grains made by mixing ceramic pigment with clay. As well as taking their cue from illumination, these pieces are also affected by distance and angle – including the shape of a room and the size of each ceramic area. Nearby objects and materials also play a key role in the appearance of a Mosa μ surface, as the tiles are designed to pick up on other colours within the same space.

Creating rich, vibrant interiors with an ever-changing appearance, Mosa μ offers endless design possibilities and allows unprecedented freedom of expression. Playful, inspirational and full of surprises, Mosa μ will redefine your perception of space and time.


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