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William Caslon is one of the most widely read men in the world – his 18th century typeface was even used for the US Declaration of Independence. Andre Paine discovers the story of this EC1 pioneer of metal type and his digital legacy…


London's renewed love affair with gin shows no sign of slowing down and the spirit is now flowing from Clerkenwell bar taps, says Katy Salter...


Bookbinding might appear to belong to another era, but the Wyvern Bindery has been keeping the tradition alive in EC1 for almost 25 years - with a little help from Daniel Radcliffe. Andre Paine gets a glimpse behind that striking graffitied metal shutter on Clerkenwell Road…...


The spirit once known as Madam Geneva is an integral part of Clerkenwell's history, from 18th century inebriation to the sophisticated flavour of London Dry Gin. Jane Young takes you on a tour of the gin lanes of EC1.


Love it or hate it, Modernist architecture has made its mark on Clerkenwell. For designer Stefi Orazi, concrete tower blocks and communal estates have inspired her range of products and property blog. Here she explains what she loves about the Golden Lane Estate she calls home...


As BBC One's Sherlock returns for a third series, Katy Salter investigates the many connections between the fictional detective and EC1...


The world's largest 3D print shop has opened its doors in EC1. Rupert Goodwins explains everything you need to know about this new technology...


Clerkenwell's workhouses were notorious dens of 'squalid poverty and meanness'. Historian Peter Higginbotham tells the tale of these grim institutions...


The second Icon Awards will celebrate the best in architecture and design, with ten categories covering all aspects of the industry. Visit the Awards website to find out more:


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