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St John co-founder Trevor Gulliver recommends booze to keep you quenched throughout summer.

Best for drinking with bbq’d drinks
“We like burgundy. It’s made where it’s warm and it’s natural muscularity is great for the BBQ.
Ask for this: St John Bourgogne Burgundy 2015 £20.76, (or takeaway from the restaurant)

Best for drinking with picnic food
“Our bag in box rosé. Won’t run out, no glass cracking in the grass or sand, folds down into a crumpled ball. Put it in a cold box, it’ll be fine.”
Ask for this: St John Rosé BIB 2017 £36 for 3 litres, (or takeaway from the restaurant)

Best for drinking with no food at all
“Champagne, easy. Or white burgundy. Or something made with Grenache Gris.”
Ask for this: Grand Cuvee 2015 £15.38,

Best for when it’s so hot you cannot see
“Falanghina. Italian white wine for when it’s seriously hot. Or get in the pool with an umbrella.”
Ask for this: When In Rome Falanghina £25.99 for 2.25 litres,


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