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For more than 150 years, Clerkenwell and the capital as a whole endured a famous fog that was both friend and foe: harmful to health yet romantic and full of mystery. Christine L. Corton, author of a new history of London fog, explores the impact of the pea-soupers – from Smithfield cattle to Sadler’s Wells.


Clerkenwell’s contribution to the music industry covers a century of technological and musical innovation. Andre Paine looks back at EC1’s greatest hits and the local history of early sound recording.


A new history of Smithfield considers the Crossrail effect. Our columnist says Clerkenwell might look very different in a decade...


Country of Origin, the bespoke knitwear boutique in Amwell Street, has an intriguing name – and an even more intriguing business model.


The Petting Zoo is not a place to coo over cute animals, but the name of a community choir in EC1.


For the stylish couple, a trip to Clerkenwell Vintage Fashion Fair at Old Finsbury Town Hall is one way to spend 14 February.


The Museum of London has revealed its research findings into DNA taken from skeletons from the Londinium era.


Independent jewellery boutique EC One has been providing a bespoke service since the Nineties.


Celebrating 20 years as rector of St Bartholomew the Great, the Rev Dr Martin Dudley has witnessed dramatic change in his historic Smithfield parish.


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