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“This could be one of the most extraordinary objects in any museum collection in London”


Ok. So it’s not until May, but that doesn’t mean we can’t already be counting down the days to London's best and coolest design show. (We might be a teeny bit biased.) That's right, we're getting all gooey-eyed over Clerkenwell Design Week. We have picked some of our favourite latest brands to the show below. We are celebrating the new after all!


What’s the difference between the Knights Templar and the Knights Hospitaller? A new EC1-published book by TV historian Dan Jones prompts us to ask... Local expert Tom Foakes explains.


For a long time, the Amwell Street area has had all the bijou badges of a “London village”. Why not head to its indie shops for your Christmas shopping this year? Kate O’Donnell goes on a recce.


When a group of Irish Republicans blew up Clerkenwell’s House of Detention 150 years ago, it shocked Britain. Local archivist Tom Furber tells the story of “The Clerkenwell Outrage.”


An exhibition at Sir John Soane’s Museum marks 200 years since a flamboyant explorer discovered the sarcophagus of the Pharaoh Seti I. The Post reveals how one of the most important antiquities ever found in Egypt ended up in our neighbourhood.


One of the biggest names in classical music has taken on a new role as music director of the Clerkenwell-based London Symphony Orchestra. As Sir Simon Rattle launches a season of Barbican concerts celebrating his arrival at the LSO, The Post profiles the talented, innovative and sometimes controversial conductor.


Our round-up of the latest developments from the creative community.


It’s 180 years since Dickens completed his debut The Pickwick Papers, a comic novel whose hero lives in Clerkenwell. It became hugely popular yet there’s a dark episode involving the suicide of the illustrator. Andre Paine investigates the literary conspiracy theory.


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